TSS4 - DrugMatrix - Toxicogenomic signatures of Heart after exposure to oxybutynin (230 mg/kg, 5 days) in the rat
Public Interventional


Organism Rattus norvegicus
Tissue Heart


Experimental typeNa
Developmental stageAdulthood


Genomic signature information

Technology used Array
Platform GPL1355

Statistical information

Control samples 3
Treated samples 6
Pvalue Cutoff 0.05
FC Cutoff 1.5
Statistical processing Affymetrix GeneChip data were quality controlled and normalized using using the RMA package with the custom CDF (GPL1355) provided by the BRAINARRAY resource. Next, data analysis was carried out using the Annotation, Mapping, Expression and Network (AMEN) analysis suite of tools (Chalmel & Primig, 2008). Briefly, genes yielding a signal higher than the detection threshold (median of the normalized dataset) and a fold-change >1.5 between exposed and control samples were selected. A Linear Model for Microarray Data (LIMMA) statistical test (F-value adjusted with the False Discovery Rate method: p < 0.05) was employed to identify significantly differentially expressed genes.

Associated Factors

Chemical factor n° 1

Chemical oxybutynin
Vehicule NA
Dose 230.0 mg/kg
Exposure time 120.0 hours
Exposure frequencies No exposure frequencies provided

No biological subfactors linked to this factor

No physical subfactors linked to this factor