TSS8508 - Ctrl_Female Vs Exposed Male
Public Interventional


Organism Rattus norvegicus


Experimental typeNa
Developmental stageFetal


No up/down regulated genes

Genomic signature information

Technology used Array
Platform GPL23953

Statistical information

Control samples 6
Treated samples 5
Pvalue Cutoff 0.05
FC Cutoff None
Statistical processing Data analysis was performed using and the AMEN suite of tools (Chalmel & Primig, 2008). Briefly, genes showing a signal higher than a given background cutoff (median of the normalized dataset) and at least a 1.5-fold change in at least one pairwise comparison were selected. To define a set of 364 genes displaying significant statistical changes across comparisons, the empirical Bayes moderated t-statistics was performed using the limma package (F-value adjusted using the Benjamini & Hochberg (BH) False Discovery Rate approach, p =< 0.05) . The resulting genes were then partitioned into two broad expression clusters (termed C1 and C2) using the k-means algorithm.

Associated Factors

Chemical factor n° 1

Chemical finasteride
Route Oral gavage
Vehicule Corn oil
Dose 10.0 mg/kg
Exposure time 336.0 hours
Exposure frequencies 10 mg/kg bw/day

No biological subfactors linked to this factor

No physical subfactors linked to this factor